Brian Rosenheim (GRB Round 2 Vs Warbux)

Last round I proved I'm truly raw I check who's next on the newest card, receiving Coup de grace guess who was drawn? The net famed proclaimed GRB Superstar Warbux: no introduction, we know who you are The only question mark? which War labs crony voting for him first, so I can to throw you in his hearse and If you thought, King Of The Dot was a flop it's get worse I'll summarize your entire career in this verse and reviewing them chapters, It's all laughter Cause you went from signing with Catch Records to being a Dog Catcher You Margaret Thatcher, a bitch in their Prime I'm buryin a nigga beating Bux, so I Baroness (Bare A Ness) comparison You living life embarrassing your parents as a speaker Atcha gay sisters reception playing the Wedding Singer Hold up a second let it linger You can't remember the raps you write but grabbing a mic for faggots and dykes? if that's accurate right? I ain't knocking what you doing I just gotta say I kinda find it amusing Cause I don't see how you Sonic Boomin or Dropping Hadoukens With so many dogs in the county that need grooming The crowd won't applaud for this man, we saw him on cam The only thing coming off of the dome is the palm of his hand As soon as the clock began, he starts chokin It's like I Reported my Card stolen cause Bux Got Frozen This pale motherfucker needs tanning and some more shit He's standing next to corpses or that's his Family Portrait Ya'll believing he's the truth? Picture him in the booth taking his frustration out for scooping Kitty Litter poop We live in the same town If this clown tries to beef Fuck a Down Right Fierce, bitch I'm Right Down the street You truly better than Kendrick? Who's he fooling with the gimmicks You record hits for the web, that's Google Analytics and Soul Khan ain't wanna battle ya, ya wasn't no challenger This fake Street Fighter ain't up to Soul Caliber But we can get it crack-in, Hit em back hand and Pull this Fraud card Quicker than Gorilla Black can Look at em right in the face, this guys rattled if I'm the lamest alive, you the lamest in live battles Lets not forget ya Songs sucks and ya washed up So you won Latte (A lot a) battles and still never be a Starbucks You weakest with the raps, keep teasing being fat when I'm the reason ya girl creeping and cheating behind ya back Here's a secret I'm speaking facts You an "Alligator Under The Bed" she seems to think I'm a Demon in the sack He superior with rhyming? but clear you been declining this time it's Curtains for Bux, Interior Designing If you see em then I fight em, don't care if the Goonies with them I'll punish ya Dog, Brian, I'm rivaling Stewie Griffin as soon as I swing and hit em it leave a dent in his cheeks And Put Bux on a stretcher like I'm making ends meat He wanted a clean battle but nah I'm creating more dirt You better pray to God one of your Dogs ate my homework This pet masters forever a net rapper So it doesn't even matter if you getting a check after If I somehow lose and get buried by this cracker I'll write Bux in my will, he still never Benefactor (Been A Factor) and Bux thinking of winning, where's he getting that idea? If this battle a Pier One (Appear Won) then you competing with Ikea You had a month to write and couldn't prepare shit Standing there, Stuck In Froze (Fros) more than Questlove's Hair Pick